new colors for the schoolroom

Bright, yellow walls break the light and give the rooms a pleasant atmosphere. Before we had the new school desks put in the classroom, the rooms had to be cleaned up and all were given a new coat of paint. We financed the colors, Walisu organized the color pots and then it started….with the help of a painter the mothers (apparently there were no fathers to win) learned how to use colors and brushes and completely repainted the three school rooms. Then finally the benches could be put in. As soon as they were set up, of course, they had to be tried right away. Four children in a bank… something they know. But don’t worry, more benches were added so that everyone had a place to start school. 

Munasir, the young man who is doing his vocational training as a carpenter, was able to make his first experiences with the production of school desks. We wrote about it in the last post.

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