new colors for the schoolroom

By Daniela Duff|May 1, 2018|Education|0 comments

Bright, yellow walls break the light and give the rooms a pleasant atmosphere. Before we had the new school desks put in the classroom, the rooms had to be cleaned up and all were given a new coat of paint. We financed the colors, Walisu organized the color pots and then it started….with the help of a painter the mothers (apparently there were no fathers to win) learned how to

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New benches for the community school

By Daniela Duff|December 20, 2017|Education|0 comments

Visiting the community school in Kulaa, you can see that some classrooms look quite desolate. Children sit on the floor or squeeze into a bench of two or three. The teachers are overburden, the classrooms look uncomfortable and do not exactly promote learning or motivation. Since we decided to  support the community school this year and to see how more of the small children can be enrolled in school, we started a

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