A Journey with Consequences

Since our first trip to East Africa in 2001, we have traveled to many different sub-Saharan African countries, spending many months in Ghana, but also in Senegal and Mali. When we traveled to Northern Ghana in 2010, we did not know what to expect. Walisu, then an acquaintance, today our local contact, took us to the village of Kulaa, where we were received by the local women’s group and exchanged views on life in the village, living conditions and the challenges of everyday life. The women told us about the difficulty of getting a Microcredit to build small businesses and get some cash for clothes, school fees and medicines.

The women in the villages around Tamale in Northern Ghana impressed us: Their optimism, their patience and their constant efforts to improve the lives of their families with the simplest means. This, in turn, motivated us to accompany them on their way with professional and financial support, for which we founded the Dagomba Development Association – and first set up a Microcredit project.

Daniela & Edith

Our Principles

  • Everyone has the right to a standard of living that ensures his and his/her family health and well-being.” (Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). We believe that the development of  this standard of living can be shaped independently as the basis for a dignified life and as an indispensable part of sustainable development for future generations. 
  • Our work is guided by Human Rights principles and the Sustainable Development Goals, which have replaced the 2015 Millennium Development Goals. 
  • Our interventions focus on the three main areas of “Income Generating”, “Education” and “Health”, and are based on the need articulated by the people themselves.


Women in disadvantaged village communities are finding ways together to improve the living standard for themselves and their families. They define their most important needs and the necessary development steps.


The association organizes fundraising events and initiates projects in the region of Northern Ghana. The focus lies on education, improving the living conditions of women and children and their economic situation, and promoting networking and knowledge transfer.


A single membership costs CHF 50 per year. For donations over 50 francs, membership is included. We are pleased to welcome new members. Please sign up via our contact mail.

Thank you!

Unser Vorstand

Daniela Duff
Founder & President

Edith Roos
Founder & Treasurer

Sandra Müller
Board Member

Nurudeen Taimako
Board Member

Unser Team vor Ort

Laura Müller

Laura Müller
Project Manager P2P and EcE

Walisu Alhasane